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Distributed applications for Blockchain (Dapps). SmartContracts. Solidity. Blockchain consultancy.

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The trip of the coconut

Coco's* Philosophy

We've been in this sector for several years and we have worked with many customers and companies so we have a very clear vision of what we can contribute and how to do it well.

We get very involved in the projects we work on and we look, above all else, to be honest, trustworthy and to satisfy the needs our clients.

Whenever we can we get involved in social projects: we love working for the defence of human and animal rights, and for the conservation of the environment; so if you are trying to move ahead with a project of this kind and you need design or web development to carry out your idea, we'd be glad to help. Feel free to contact us and we'll see how we can work together. We think it is important and gratifying to work in what we believe in.

* Coco is the spanish word for coconut and is also colloquial for 'head'.

"I don't have a logo, but I can draw you my idea on the back of this envelope..."

No problem, we can do it

"I want an online crossword and sudoku manager all in one..."

No problem, we can do it

"I need a blog where people can make reservations for my workshops and send me a query online"

No problem, we can do it

"We need a video learning system with different user profiles, Stripe enabled"

No problem, we can do it

"We need to update our RoR project"

No problem, we can do it

"I want to pay with Bitcoins"

No problem, we accept Bitcoins ;)

We offer a complete service. Regardless what you've achieved we can help you to get to the next stage


from 1500€ BTC LTC ETH
Web applications development

Do you need a customized development? A very simple website? Something which calculates a rate and send your customer the results by email? An online learning platform? A booking system? A raffles website?. No problem, we can do it.

from 900€ BTC LTC ETH
Your site with a content management system

Do you want a website that can be easily updated? Do you want to make your online publication plan a reality? Need to create a blog or a corporate website? We can get your fully customized website rolling rapidly based in well known systems as Joomla or Wordpress. Tell us your needs.

from 1200€ BTC LTC ETH
Online Stores

Do you want to create an online store from scratch? Sell one or a hundred of products but have no place to sell it, no logo and no idea of where to start? Do you have a physical store and want to sell online? No problem, we can help.

from 450€ BTC LTC ETH
Graphic Design and online advertising

You don't have a brand image? Do you need a logo? We offer design of flyers, brochures, business cards, vinyls, banners, layout, mailing design, labeling for your establishment. Tell us your idea.

from 300€ BTC LTC ETH
Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

We offer you marketing in social networks, code correction and optimization, AdWords, Analytics, Adsense. All designed to help you make the most of your online presence.

from 300€ BTC LTC ETH
Marketing and Advertising

Do you want to get your name out there? We can help you in many ways. We can create a marketing and selling plan for your business, get the most from your social network presence, create optimized contents and email marketing campaigns, and also give you advertise on the situation of your business or the chance of success of your new project.

Prices shown here are indicative and based in the simplest case.
Tell us your needs and we will do our best to give you a fair rate. VAT not included.

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